martes, 15 de enero de 2013


After dinner the activity is continues : games, skype and we see a movie in original version. The majors of 4º eso  organized some games and until the moment we have see Harry Potter.
Yesterday we start the audition of Harry Potter lll. After one our, we go down to the dining room for take the supper and take a shower for go later to the bed and comment  the anecdotes from the days. The days pass fliying.
Other days we have games of afternoon. One day we have the game of the Frontera. The game of the Frontera  consist in: the boys have to pass the bridge with one objet, the objets usually is  a boot, a chair, a box etc... In the bridge there police and you have to lie to pass the objet. Later you have to business with the smugglers to won some money.
By Javier Díaz Giannini
Después del dinner continúa la actividad: juegos, skype y vemos una película en versión original. Los mayores de 4º de ESO nos han organizado ya varios juegos y hasta el momento hemos visto Harry Potter I. Ayer comenzamos la audición de Harry Potter III. Después de una hora, nos bajamos al comedor para tomar el supper y tomamos una ducha para irnos luego a la cama y comentar las anécdotas del día. Los días pasan volando.